Pressure those in power to help prevent climate breakdown

Climate change is an urgent crisis that cannot be held separate from politics for real change to occur

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How politics, policy and those in power contributes to climate breakdown

  1. Those with political power make decisions for the world that affect emissions and the state of our planet.
  2. Lobbyists for big oil and other large energy companies use their immense budget to influence politicians, causing politicians who do take climate change seriously and seek a solution severely underfunded comparatively.
  3. People in power use convincing rhetoric to mold the opinions of their peers and viewers.
  4. Biased news outlets project the policies that benefit their platform and skew or omit data to reflect the belief they are attempting to persude.
  5. News outlets have the greatest ability to affect public opinion and influence belief systems.

What stops us from pressuring those in power?

  1. The task of changing policy can appear daunting and intimidating.
  2. Many people do not know how to influence policy or reach out to elected officials.
  3. Many people vote based on political affiliation regardless of policies the politician holds.
  4. Often people do not know where to start or believe that they cannot make a difference anyway.
  5. Politicians use scare tactics to instill the beliefs, i.e. the economic cost of green policies and combating climate change is too great.

What you can do now

The most important thing to do is becoming more informed!

The biggest impact can be had if you investigate the policies of those up for election, then vote for who's views best align with your own. Reach out to public officials! All congressmen and congresswomen have public contacts. Start local! Before you try and fix a nation, fix your own backyard. Local officials are the politicans who's policies most directly affect your day to day life. This also lays the groundwork for changing the planet from the bottom-up.

How it helpsHow much would this help?

If we are able to elect officials who value our planet and hope to minimize or eliminate the effects humans have on the climate, then their policies would be reflective of that. This would incentivize the industry to change with their ways or get left behind. No true change can come until the political conversation changes as well.

Spread the wordto save the world

Don't assume everyone knows about the choices they can make today to help prevent climate breakdown. We need everyone to become aware of what they can do. That way they can make informed decisions.

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Help change the system

Support the people, groups and parties who prioritise the planet

All global warming could be helped by changes to laws across the world which prioritise the planet. Find your local candidates who promise to prioritise the planet and support them.

Get involved on a grassroots level with activist groups and charities trying to raise awareness.

How to do moreHow can I do even more?

Become a vocal advocate of preventing climate breakdown. You could stand as a political candidate prioritising the planet, or join an activist group or charity.

Why not start your own business or charity trying to fix a problem associated with climate change.

Or simply spread the word to your friends and family, educate them on the issues and the choices they can make to help.

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Pressure those in power help prevent climate breakdown

  • Contact elected officials
  • Become more informed on policies
  • Vote for those who prioritize the planet
  • Spread the word so others make changes too

Discover more choices you can make today to help prevent climate breakdown

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