Use less energy to help prevent climate breakdown

Every year the world wastes more energy than it uses. 75% of this energy comes from greenhouse gas emitting sources like coal, oil and gas.

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How wasting energy contributes to climate breakdown

Every year we waste more energy than we use. Our inefficient use of this energy results in the production of a greater amount than is necessary.

75% of our energy comes from greenhouse gas emitting sources. By wasting so much energy we’re causing a great deal more harm to the environment.

What don't we stop wasting energy?

  1. Many of us aren’t aware of the effects of wasting so much energy.
  2. Some of the choices we could make to waste less energy require an upfront cost, and even though they will save us money in the long term, we still struggle to part with large lump sums.
  3. Alternative choices can require more time and effort. More often than not we aren’t willing to impact convenient aspects of our lifestyle for the sake of saving a little energy.
  4. Acting on climate change represents a trade-off between short-term and long-term benefits, which is the hardest trade-off for people to make. Ignoring it in the short-term is easy as we don’t have to make any personal sacrifices.

What you can do now

Setup your home so less energy is required

To start, one of the easiest things to do is improve your insulation. Doing so can reduce your energy needs by up to 30%! A worthy investment.

Next replace older energy-zapping light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs. They use 5x less energy, last 25x longer and can cost 6x less over 20 years.

When you need to replace an appliance, purchase an energy efficient alternative. Check potential purchases for energy efficiency ratings and consider higher quality items – they last longer. Consider getting rid of desktop computers, as laptops can be up to 5 times more energy efficient.

Lastly don’t forget to power your home with renewable energy.

When you do use energy, choose to be more efficient to reduce waste

Use less hot water

Heating water uses energy. Try taking short showers instead of filling the bathtub. Lower your washing machine temperature. When your clothes are washed hang dry them instead of using a dryer.

Turn everything off

Don’t leave your appliances on standby, switch them off. When you leave a room always make sure you turn any lights off too.

Switch off your heating

Adjust your thermostat and radiators. Only choose to heat your home when absolutely necessary. Warmer clothes or a blanket can often do the same job.

Read this to learn more ways to become energy efficient.

How it helpsHow much would this help?

75% of energy production is harmful to the environment, and we could reduce this harm greatly by reducing energy usage. We’d then be able to provide almost half of our energy with renewable sources like solar and wind.

Spread the wordto save the world

Don't assume everyone knows they should use less energy to help prevent climate breakdown. We need everyone to become informed so they can also make a choice about how use energy.

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Help change the system

Support the people, groups and parties who prioritise the planet

All global warming could be helped by changes to laws across the world which prioritise the planet. Find your local candidates who promise to prioritise the planet and support them.

Get involved on a grassroots level with activist groups and charities trying to raise awareness.

How to do moreHow can I do even more?

Become a vocal advocate of preventing climate breakdown. You could stand as a political candidate prioritising the planet, or join an activist group or charity.

Why not start your own business or charity trying to fix a problem associated with climate change.

Or simply spread the word to your friends and family, educate them on the issues and the choices they can make to help.

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We’re killing the planet by wasting so much of the energy we produce. We must become more efficient with our energy usage by:

  • Make your home more energy efficient with better insulation and light bulbs
  • Use less hot water and turn stuff off
  • Vote for those who prioritize the planet
  • Spread the word so others make changes too

Discover more choices you can make today to help prevent climate breakdown

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